When the concept of Iris took shape, the idea was to provide a platform for people who aspire to pursue a media stream either as a hobby or as a profession. With a multitude of organisations, in the business of education, we were constantly asking ourselves how we would break the clutter and stand out… The very idea of having sessions only over the weekends and having professionals take classes was not unheard/unique… This compounded the confusion.

After much thought and multiple cups of chai, we stumbled upon the very rudimentary aspect, we had been overlooking… Photography, Advertising, Web, Design, Writing, Film Making, Editing (any stream of Media) is practical application but the education is not. Finally, that Eureka moment!

Iris was hence born with the purpose of bridging the gap between today’s professionals and today’s aspirants who will be tomorrow’s professionals. The curricula of all our workshops are painstakingly designed to suit a specific, niche audience. The focus is on quality learning rather than quantity. We are here to make a change and we want to reach out to as many serious learners as we can. In this endeavour, we are assisting students to overcome trivial issues like finances (or the lack thereof), time, resources, and equipments.

We meet with interested candidates and have a conversation to ascertain their interests and then enrol them, to ensure our efforts aren’t diluted. Some think of this approach as very la-di-da, but this is one aspect we are happy not having that populous opinion on!