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Who we are ?

Iris Academy of Media is a unique platform that has been built by Professionals with experience in all aspects of Film Making including Script Writing, Direction, Production Design and Management, Cinematography and Lighting, Editing and Post Production, Television Production, Audio and Radio Production, Film and Media Studies, Media Research and Ethics, Photography, Acting, Costume Design and Make Up, among others, to mentor and train aspiring Media Professionals.

In other words, the Media Legends of today hone and mould the Media Legends of tomorrow!



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  • I was quite nervous before the session started. Everybody was kind and friendly. The mentor was really interactive and made us feel that we all are like a community. I really felt confident about myself throughout the session. Really amazing.

    Mohammed Imamuddin, Acting Seminar
  • It was nice. Had a great experience. Learnt new things, got a good guidance and it was good to develop my personal interest and overall it was a good experience.

    Mohammed Yaseen, Acting Seminar
  • To be frank the way it was organised was really good and it was really a good experience to be a part and having a session with Iris. Iris Academy is really great and being in Iris was also great. Thank you Iris.

    M.Karthik, Acting Seminar
  • My overall experience with Iris was good. The co-ordinator and the mentor were very approachable and friendly. I learnt a lot of new things.

    Nandhadeepa, Acting Seminar
  • It was a really enjoyable learning experience. It was interactive and interesting. All my queries were satisfactorily answered. Served my purpose of understanding the basics of acting nd helpful in deciding my future course of action. So overall a very happy experience.

    Murphy Vadhan, Acting Seminar
  • An absolute fruitful workshop. As an hobbyist I was able to relate myself very well. Would like to come again.

    Hari Prasad Sridhar, RED Workshop
  • Mr.Imran taught very well about the red camera and its settings. His approach and teaching method is very friendly and super. I came from Madurai only to attend this workshop and it was good.

    Maruthu Pandiyan N.P., Student – RED
  • All the info I gained in these two days were completely satisfying and I would like to attend more sessions.

    M.Ashwin Kiran, RED Workshop
  • This has given a clear basic knowledge of Red Scarlett, the mentor has very good communicative skills and answers patiently for any kind questions.

    Ashwin Noel, RED Workshop
  • It was great learning cinematography at Iris. Got more practical experiences. Having a confidence to take it upto the next level. Thank you.

    Dinesh Annadurai, Cinematography 101
  • It was a superb experience of learning about cameras in Iris. It was at range upto my expectations.

    A.D.Velmurugan, Cinematography 101
  • Overall very good.

    Aravindan R. , Cinematography 101
  • Iris had taught me many things. I have learned many things from here. I believe that things which I learned here will make a good platform for me. Thank you all.

    P.Shiva Kiran, Cinematography 101
  • Overall good experience at Iris and classes were nice.

    Hariharasudhan, Cinematography 101
  • It was good and all over enjoyment. I got good contacts.

    Silambarasi Sivaji, Cinematography 101
  • The session was very helpful and gave me the confidence to get into the industry. Would like to sincerely thank Narayan sir and Imran sir for their patience and input(genuine) for the session. Would like to thank the management for planning a wonderful workshop.

    M.Hari Krishnan, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • It was great learning lighting, the better half of the cinematography. Hope these things will change the way of my future projects.

    Dinesh Annadurai, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • Good experience overall

    K.B.Prabhu, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • It was a very good experience and I am happy working with all. I thank Imran sir, Narayan sir, Anton sir, and all supporting assistants. Thank you very much and God bless you.

    Rinu Devassy, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • New learning experience. Thanks to Iris Academy and Narayan sir. Thank you.

    Aravind Chinnathambi, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • I learned a lot. Very joyful learning experience. Felt good to meet like minded people and industry experts. Thank you for arranging this workshop.

    Karthik Thorali, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • It was just like going in a friend’s place. Comfortable, Interactive Sessions, very good experience.

    Ragunath, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • It was a very nice experience and the mentors were very friendly too. Technically, it was a nice learning experience. It was very useful

    R.Karthick, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • It was very useful, learnt many things, hands-on equipment used were very professional. Mentor Imran sir and Narayan sir were very patient and gave us a lot of information. Sessions was informative and very useful for our future projects.

    P.Mano, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • Before joining advance lighting workshop, I am not very well experienced about lighting and types of lights. This workshop gave a wonderful knowledge about everything

    Hari Subash, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • Had a beautiful month learning about lights and understanding the quality of lights. Learned many things about basic cinematography and had enough of practice. Very friendly mentors.

    Swathika Rajendran, Advanced Lighting Workshop
  • The classes were entirely made practical and hence easy to grasp.

    Nagarajan P. (Photography 101)
  • I have learnt more about Photography in the last 4 weeks than in the last 1 year of my vocational course.

    Mohamed Waseem (Photography 101)
  • I did like the classes very much, helped me learn many new things and gave me the space to experiment and learn.

    Sabarna S.(Photography 101)
  • The sessions were handled practically with all the basics of Photography covered.

    Rohith N.M. (Photography 101)
  • Learnt a lot about Cameras, Photography, Lighting. All our requests for more information, different kinds of photography were encouraged!

    Vignesh Renganath (Photography 101)
  • So far, one of the best workshops that I have attended! I am extremely satisfied with the workshop. I can say that, I am ready to handle the RED Camera!

    S. Prasanna Venkatesan (RED Workshop June, 2016)
  • Great sessions! We learnt not only about the RED but also the other aspects of Cinematography.

    Tanveer Ahmed (RED Workshop June, 2016)
  • Iris is a very good platform for people who need to learn something new, practically experiment and clear doubts. I am about to start my 1st film project and your sessions gave me the much needed experience.

    Chiranjiv Prasad (RED Workshop June, 2016)
  • It was a very insightful 2 day program. Hope to attend more sessions pertaining to Cinematography.

    Jabez Nelson (RED Workshop June, 2016)
  • It was a nice learning experience. Topics covered were very useful.